Westnofa stacking chairs

These chairs are amazingly deceptive, they look light & delicate but are in fact very sturdy & heavy. They come complete with their original removable seat & back covers, although we prefer them without. We've done our homework & as yet have no definitive answer as to who the designer may be, the most likely candidate is Sven Ivar Dysthe, we'd love to know.

This comes from the Design Addict forums:

Westnofa wasn’t an actual furniture company. Created in the 50s it was an export company for several manufacturers, including Stokke, etc to keep up with the international market, since Norway was kind of in a black hole in regards to the furniture market at that point in time...It is almost impossible to figure out(at least so far for myself) to find out who the original designers of the miscellaneous Westnofa furniture are.

Dimensions - 54.5cm W x 54cm D x 83cm H seat - 42cm W x 40cm D x 45cm H